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MICA IL-640 with EM Function activated

Helsinki Particle Accelerator and MICA® EM Handlamps

Posted on: 6.11.2023

Important science is taking place at the University of Helsinki Particle Accelerator Laboratory. To ensure their work continues when the lights go out, they turned to Atexor for backup lighting using MICA® EM handlamps.

Every Atexor project large and small is important. When you are in the business of providing reliable light in challenging, often high-risk environments, even one light fixture changes the game.

We are happy to report that the Helsinki Accelerator Laboratory, who operate a particle accelerator at University of Helsinki, chose the Atexor handlamps for reliable  backup lighting.

With two MICA® IL-640EM handlamps and accompanying ILC-VAC chargers, the research team can be confident that they have an excellent light source at all times. The installation was completed during the summer 2023. The handlamps are positioned pointing upwards so that the rooms can be quickly illuminated when the main lighting is lost, such as during a power outage.

One MICA® EM unit is in control room for the particle accelerator. Here operators carefully manage and monitor events with the help of several large displays. (Pic below)
Particle accelerator operator in University of Helsinki

The second MICA IL-640EM is installed in a specialized room for a tricky business. In this room scientists carefully handle radioactive salt for the positron life time experiments from. This is not like the potent stuff from atomic reactors, but nonetheless, even mildly radioactive materials demand reliable lighting! The research team was very happy when they saw how well one IL-640EM lights up the whole laboratory. One MICA® IL640EM illuminates the ceiling, which acts as reflectors and distributes the light evenly throughout the room. (Pic below)
MICA IL-640EM and ILC-VAC installad to laboratory.

The handlamps used by the accelerator lab team include the Atexor EM – Emergency Function. It’s an essential feature for backup handlamps, ensuring immediate, lasting illumination when the mains power is lost. MICA® handlamps with EM are used in all kinds of locations, from dentist offices to machine rooms. For example, there is often a MICA® EM lamp near the rollers of huge paper machines to ensure safety during a possible lighting failure. Wherever there is a process, treatment or other activity that can’t simply end when the power goes off, MICA® handlamps deliver peace of mind.

Most MICA® hand lamps are available with EM option. The EM function is available as an option in MICA® IL-640, IL-800 Zone1, IL-800Zone0 and ML-808. The EM function is included by default with the ML-600/1/2 series. Lamps equipped with the EM function are special models and we hope that you will take this into account when ordering.