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New features and market-first UKCA certification for SLAM® TrafoEX step-down transformer

Posted on: 30.11.2021 by Team Atexor

The SLAM® TrafoEX step-down transformer has been setting new standards in the Ex equipment world since it was launched. Certified for operating temperatures up to +55 °C, a special model for linking, super-easy fuse change (a mere minute of work), and the feature list is getting even longer.

We’ve added Stahl and Marechal to the list of supported Ex socket types, so you can now choose from four: ATX, Ceag, Stahl and Marechal. In addition, we have expanded the certifications for SLAM® TrafoEX. It is now available with a complete, independent Ex certification for ATEX, IECEx and UKCA.

Product certifications, like our in-house manufacturing, is something we take seriously. Ex equipment needs to perform exactly as advertised for the sake of workers’ health and safety. For certifications, that means every product must go through its own independent certification process.  Ex component U-certifications, while necessary, are not a substitute for full equipment certification.

We’ve been following the UKCA situation closely together with our notified body for the UK. The UK government announced this summer that they are extended the deadline for UKCA compliance. By that time, Atexor was working hard to get the TrafoEX UKCA certified. Thanks to our diligent team, we have certifications for the latest versions of ATEX and IECEx standards as required, and now also for UKCA.

Today we can proudly say to customers in the UK that they don’t need to wait another year to make UKCA-certified purchases. The SLAM® TrafoEX step-down transformer is ready to go, complete with a single certification covering the whole product. We don’t skip out with the rest of the product documentation, either. With TrafoEX, you also get all the necessary specifications and guidance for safe use.

For more details, see our SLAM TrafoEX product page and TrafoEX video presentation.