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Hazarous Area and lighting related articles by Team Atexor.


Confined Spaces Present Special Needs for Low Voltage Lighting. By Tuomas Seilo
The unique risks of confined spaces create special low-voltage requirements for lighting equipment.

Are LED luminaires causing higher risks in Ex areas? By Tarmo Rintala
High-powered LEDs have optical radiation risks that need to be controlled by ‘op is’ regulations and certifications.

Do you waste your time reading ATEX or IECEx product manual? By Tarmo Rintala
Ex product manuals play a key role in ensuring safe operation that should not be overlooked.

Empowered by light By Tuomas Seilo
Light is a natural part of life, but modern LEDs are changing what we can, or should, take for granted.

EU directive sets limits on radiation from LED lamps By Emma Roos
New technology is opening up new ways to manipulate and control light, and the EU aims to keep LEDs safe for consumers.

Hazardex magazine article June 2018 By Tarmo Rintala
Gaps and ambiguities in current standards and practices meant to control the risks of optical radiation (op is) are cause for concern.

Is certification of LED luminaires causing risks on Ex areas? By Tarmo Rintala
LED technology has advanced so quickly that existing certification practices may not ensure Ex luminaires are actually safe for Ex areas.

Räjähdysvaarallisissa tiloissa valaistus on tarkoin säädeltyä In Finnish. Sähköala -lehti: Marjukka Puolakka
Neste Oyj:n Porvoon jalostamolla vaihdetaan Ex-alueiden kiinteää valaistusta kotimaisiin SLAM FIXED® LED-valaisimiin. Samassa artikkeli räjähdysvaarallisten tilojen valaisusta ja ATEX sertifioinneista yleensä.

Transportable or portable equipment. Is there a difference? By Tuomas Seilo
Transportable equipment is not necessarily portable equipment. When making equipment purchases, it is important to know the difference and what it means for equipment certifications.

Working in confined spaces By Tuomas Seilo
These four safety elements will help you prepare your next risk assessment of confined space entry.