EM - Emergency Function

EM – Emergency Function

Our EM function for temporary work lights and hand lamps provides additional safety for workers when the main power supply is lost while they are on the job. Using battery power and intelligent electronics, EM ensures workers get both adequate illumination and immediate notification that there is a problem with the power supply.

SLAM® work lights with EM have a backup battery that kicks in when the main power supply is lost. Special electronics register the power loss and dim the work light slightly to maximize battery life. We have models that support 1.5 or 3 hours of backup battery power. In addition, the LED unit begins a steady flash sequence to let works know there is a problem. Find out more about SLAM® work lights.

Our MICA® hand lamps also have an EM option. The EM function is included by default with the ML-600/1/2 series. With these flashlights, the EM function is enabled by turning the power switch on while the unit is in the charger. A small LED on the unit indicates when it is in EM mode.  The EM function is available as an option in ML-808 and the IL-series hand lamps where the EM mode is enabled automatically. With the EM function enabled, flashlights and hand lamps that are in a MICA charger automatically turn on during a power outage so workers have an immediate source of light. Find out more about MICA® hand lamps.