MICA® IL-640 Hand Lamp

MICA IL-640 handlamp test on construction site.
Rechargeable MICA handlamp and MICA ILC charger.
Rechargeable MICA handlamp with adjustable stand for hands free work.
MICA IL-640 handlamp and fire fighter.
Atexor's MICA handlamp and diffuser lens.
MICA IL-640 handlamps in CR-23 multicharger

Technical data

BEAM TYPE: Narrow spot with fringe
POWER SOURCE: Rechargeable battery, Nickel Metal Hydride 6V
ENCLOSURE: High impact polyamide
WEIGHT: 1.4 kg
DIMENSIONS: Approx. 215 mm (L) x 120 mm (W) x 125 mm (H)
NSN (IL640 EM):: 6230-12-370-2472

MICA® IL-640 Hand Lamp

A heavy-duty LED hand lamp with long lasting, rechargeable battery

  • 4 Cree LEDs and two power modes
  • Up to 24 hours of operating time
  • Accurate battery charge level indicator
  • Robust IP-66/67 polyamide housing
  • Available also with emergency function (EM)

Engineered with the thought and precision that has become synonymous with MICA®, the IL-640 / IL-640EM handlamp is built to last. We designed the housing specifically to withstand years of abuse. This hand lamp is ready to take hit after hit and still bounce back.

The tempered 5 mm glass lens is nearly unbreakable, exceptionally hard to scratch, and is resistant to most chemicals. And thanks to the high-powered Cree LEDs, the IL-640 emits a bright narrow beam for optimum visibility.

Despite the high-power LEDs, you get great battery life – up to a full day on a single charge! Thanks to the dual-mode switch, you can choose between long operating time and high light output. When battery is getting low, the beam starts to blink to let you know it is time to recharge.

We are proud to see that our ergonomic design and easy-to-service construction has even been replicated by other hand lamp manufacturers. That is strong testimony that doesn’t take away from our engineering and manufacturing prowess in Finland – we guarantee the high quality of each and every MICA® IL-640 we make.

You can also order MICA® IL-640 with our highly recommended Emergency Function (EM). If the main power supply is lost while the MICA® IL-640EM model is in the charger, the hand lamp turns on automatically.

The EM function used in many areas, from medical rooms, corridors and technical control rooms. MICA® hand lamps equipped with the EM function are special models and we hope that you will mention “EM” when ordering.


For the IL-640, we offer a range of special filters: square light beam, red, green, amber, as well as clear diffuser. Our MICA® accessory selection also includes, for example, an adjustable stand with which the light can be directed to the desired area.
The MICA IL-640 is compatible with MICA ILC4 charger that can recharge an empty battery even in +40°C.  For charging multiple IL-640 hand lamps, you can install a MICA® charging rack.