Privacy Notice

November 19, 2019

1. Register holder
Atexor Oy
P.O.Box 63
02631 Espoo, Finland
Business ID: 0837082-3
Telephone: +358 20 734 3250

2. Issues regarding the register
The customer service is available on weekdays between 9:00 and 16:00 EET (GMT+2).

3. The name of the register
The customer register of Atexor Oy

4. The purpose of the register
A register of the customers of Atexor Oy is kept in order to manage, uphold, develop and take care of customer relationships, as well as to fulfill ATEX regulations. The information on the register can also be used for marketing purposes between Atexor Oy and their customers, including online marketing.

5. The data included in the register
The information held in the register does not include any personal information about the customers if it is not necessary for the customer relationship. The register can include the following information:

– name
– phone number and email address
– order/shipment details
– business-related email conversations
– shipment registry for warranty and recall purposes
– marketing ban requests

6. Sources of information
Our company’s primary sources of information are: the information registered by the customer themself and the events in which a customer has been using the services or bought broducts of Atexor Oy or has communicated otherwise with the company.

7. Disclosing information
Customer information can be disclosed outside the EU/EEA area, such as to the United States of America, according to data protection laws and the limits set by said laws.

8. The principles of data protection
The data is protected and the register is only used by people whose job description includes using the register.

9. The time of storing information
Site visitor information is stored for two years after the last login/visit to the website.

10. The right to access information and the realization of accessing information
The European Union data protection law guarantees a person on the register has the right to be removed. This means, that the person on the register can demand the removal of information by submitting a request to the customer service of Atexor Oy. The request must be written and signed.

Atexor may at any time amend this Privacy Notice and reserves the right to deny access to this site without reason, notice and/or liability.