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Atexor and Finnish Cinema

Posted on: 19.9.2022 by Team Atexor

An Atexor First – Lighting up Finnish Cinema!

It’s a dark, dystopian future for the people of the Scandinavian Union, the fictional setting of Veden Vartija (Memory of Water), a new movie coming to theaters this fall.

Product placement can be fun. Can you spot the Atexor illumination? 😊 SLAM® Hornet Neos give just the right ambiance for this part sci-fi, part drama thriller of a story.

The movie is based on a book of the same name by Emmi Itäranta. It has been translated to over 20 languages already, a rarity for Finnish literature. The futuristic story features strong women in a dark, harsh environment. There’s hope despite the hardships, but we won’t spoil it for you here!

The production team, particularly those working on the sets, found our Hornets a real relief. We supplied them with magnetic brackets, so moving the lights around was much easier than normal. When the director wants the lighting changed, it can be laborious. With magnets, that’s done in a snap.

“This was certainly a fun and exciting project,” says Sebastian. “It was quite a departure from the serious nature of Ex areas. We thank the entire production team for the great cooperation, the red carpet invite, as well as the special showing you arranged for the Atexor team and our families.”

“It’s a great film, and for its part, proves that Atexor products can be last far into the future” 😉.

(Gentlemen in the main picture:  Left-to-right: Jussi Hangasluoma, Director, Supply Chain and R&D, Tarmo Rintala, Senior Manager, Technology & HSE, Jukka Viitasalo, Managing Director, Sebastian Vuorisalo, Marketing Manager)