MICA® CR-23 & CR-25 charging racks

MICA CR-25 multi cahrger
MICA IL-640 handlamps in CR-23 multicharger

Technical data

CR-23 DIMENSIONS: 210 x 500 x 63 mm (L x W x H)
CR-25 DIMENSIONS: 210 x 840 x 63
ENCLOSURE: Powder coated steel

MICA® CR-23 & CR-25 charging racks

  • Charging bank with step-voltage built-in (input 100-230V)
  • Output sockets for linking multiple racks to make a large charging station
  • Robust coated steel construction
  • Pre-drilled holes with all screws included for easy installation
  • Mix and easily change chargers as needed

When you have several MICA® industrial or Ex hand lamps, keeping them all charged, clean and in good worker order is simple with MICA® CR-23 and CR-25 multi-charger racks. Add a rack in your MICA® ILC or MLC charger order, and we can pre-install the chargers for you. All you need to do is attach the charging bank to the wall with the included screws and plug it in! Our basic pre-installed sets include CR-23 with 3 x  ILC or MLC chargers, or CR-23 with 6 x MLC chargers.

The CR-23 can accommodate three ILC chargers or six MLC chargers, while larger CR-25 model can hold five ILC chargers or ten MLC.

All the screws you need for any setup are included with the rack. Buy an empty rack and mix chargers as needed, with two MLC chargers fitting into the same space as one ILC charger. For example, one CR-25 can hold three ILC chargers and four MLC chargers. A single CR-23 can hold two MLC and two ILC chargers. Straight-forward screw attachments also make it easy to change the charger arrangement after installation.

MICA® charging banks are ideal for operations requiring many rechargeable torches, such as ships, oil rigs, railroad yards and fire stations.