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Atex certified SLAM Star LED floodlight and oil tank.

Unique new product SLAM® Star ready for orders!

Posted on: 22.12.2015

Our newest innovation the SLAM® Star Portable Floodlight has been fully certified. We are happy to receive orders for shipment. The product is a portable, efficient and completely safe floodlight that generates plenty of smooth, white light.

SLAM® STAR can be ordered with the amount of sockets you need. Choosing the right number (zero, one or two sockets) makes the product work for your individual needs. It enables flexible use and portability.

Significantly reduce the number of cables by linking multiple SLAM® STAR units together or to other SLAM® Ex lights. Combining SLAM® STAR with other relevant products makes it possible to create a lighting system that is ideal for any needs. With one single certification SLAM® STAR is guaranteed to suit a variety of demanding environments including mud pits and oil tanks.

The ultra bright LED lights produce over 5,400 tested lumens (light at source over 7400 lumens) yet generate very little heat. The surface temperature throughout the unit remains very low during operation eliminating any risk of burns. To our customers benefit, SLAM® Star is certified as Portable Ex-device and it is safe to move even while light is on, making it 100% portable.

With full-plastic construction there is no risk of sparks. All materials are anti-static and a clever double-shell construction makes it even safer. The light module features a 25˚ step-less adjustment to help you aim the light in the direction you need. The input sockets feature a new design (patent pending) that enables quick and easy repairs if a cable or socket gets damaged.

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SLAM® Star Portable Floodlight