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The importance of effective planning when considering Ex-lighting solutions

Posted on: 3.6.2019

It is difficult to imagine that many years ago employees worked by candlelight, but today the correct level of lighting in any work environment is vital. When it comes to Ex-Areas, lighting can drastically affect the quality of work but more importantly, the safety of employees.

Hazards are easier to identify if they are correctly illuminated and are more likely to be avertable. When selecting Ex-lighting for dangerous working environments, whether temporary or fixed solutions are required, planning is key. A number of factors must be considered in order to ensure that the area is appropriately lit, risk is reduced, and the highest levels of safety are maintained.

The planning stage is an imperative part of the installation process and there are various special conditions which require to be considered prior to the development of a lighting plan. As well as these conditions, it is also important to consider a budget so that the installation can be designed to suit because the budget will indicate the level of intensity of the Ex-lighting solution when fully operational.  You can see Atexor’s Ex-lighting product range:

What are the considerations?

1. Lighting level
When planning the installation of an Ex-lighting product it is important to consider the desired level of lighting for the area. The type of application and number of ATEX lighting products will heavily impact the level of light, so it is important to consider how well lit the area needs to be before selecting the most suitable solution.

2. Application type
The next step is to consider if your lighting level solution needs to be a temporary or a fixed product.

Fixed luminaires are used to ensure the desired area is completely lit. The durable lights will become a permanent fixture to the work area and the planning of each luminaire’s location is essential in order to optimise the areas lighting level.  Temporary luminaires are ideal for those locations that simply need a portable solution to brighten large areas.

Whatever your requirements, a floor plan of the complete application is essential in the planning process as this will provide a visual aid that accurately displays the layout of the products and will provide technical details indicating how the area will be effectively lit.

Example Floor Plan Layout

3. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Many organsiations have developed and adapted to regulations surrounding electric and magnetic interference. When selecting your Ex-lighting solutions, you must ensure the product complies with the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.

4. Fixings
A number of ATEX fixtures are available including floor, ceiling or wall mounting, therefore careful consideration to the fixing requirements should be including the planning stage to ensure the most suitable configuration.

5. Temperature
The temperature class or T-rating will determine the options available for Ex-lighting solutions. It is critical to define the explosion hazard so that the correct Ex-product is selected.

Example Temperature Planning

6. Location
Planning the location for each Ex-lighting solution is also essential in order to comply with European regulations surrounding electromagnetic interference, but the position of each Ex-product will influence how well lit the area is which will impact the safety level for your workforce.

7. Electricity
Access to electricity points and installation methods undertaken are key issues which needs to be considered when planning the installation of an Ex-lighting solution.

Our highly advanced laboratory is equipped to measure a range of conditions and we have the knowledge and expertise to support and develop your Ex-lighting plan.  This robust, well executed and fully integrated plan also ensures you get just what you need for any hazardous working environment.

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