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Vector Industrial Supplies with Atexor

SLAM® Goes to Australia

Posted on: 2.5.2019 by Team Atexor

Although Atexor has had a long-established partner in Australia for its MICA® hand lamps, the Ex-lighting market had remained largely untapped. “Prior to connecting with Vector Industrial Supplies, we lacked a strong partner who not only specializes in Ex-solutions, but also shares our dedication to high quality,” says Tuomas Seilo, Business Development Manager at Atexor. “We were glad to hear from them.”

Vector Industrial Supplies is an Australian owned and operated supplier specializing in Hazardous Area and Power Distribution equipment. Based in Perth, Western Australia, they will represent Atexor throughout Australia.

The impetus for this new partnership came from Vector. “We were seeking a quality product to fill a gap in our offering range,” recalls Brett Johnson, Senior Managing Director at Vector. “Atexor Ex-lighting was not being promoted in Australia and looked like a great fit for us.”

“The IECEx lighting landscape is a growing market in Australia with a large number of projects entering the maintenance stage,” explains Johnson. “While there are many industries in Australia needing Ex-lighting solutions, such as chemical plants, coal plants, defense, and ports, we see the biggest potential in oil and gas where temporary Ex-lighting will be in high demand for maintenance work.”

With a wide range of high-quality equipment, including brands like Sicame, Bartec, and Eaton Crouse Hinds and a local network of hazardous area installation and inspection companies, Vector is ideally positioned to leverage Atexor’s range of flexible IECEx lighting solutions for Explosion Hazardous Areas. “We are well placed to meet different customer requirements for any jobs that require Atexor lighting,” says Johnson.

Seilo agrees. “After carefully interviewing them, I could tell this is going to be an excellent partnership for us. Although the partnership is young, we already regard them as a valued distributor.”

To find out more about Vector Industrial Supplies and contact them about their Atexor offering, please visit Vector website.