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Portable ATEX area worklights with battery back-up.

Our new innovative products – Hornet EM and Exit 1LED

Posted on: 22.10.2014

Revolutionizing the way og thinking about work safety

ATEXOR is excited to announce the first portable LED light with dual-purpose EM function available on the market, the SLAM® HORNET EM 1LED. This system provides a combination of effective lighting and serious safety for all demanding sites. It is a completely new way to use portable lighting.

Compact, simple and safe to use in confined spaces, the HORNET EM 1LED is the flexible lighting solution. Each unit has a back-up battery providing power to a new dual-purpose EM function, completely changing portable lighting. The advanced electronics in the rechargeable battery control unit help the EM function generate strong light when the main power supply is lost. The EM function provides an additional safety feature by flashing at 15-second  intervals when there is a power outage.

In addition to the standard EM model you can choose the HORNET EXIT 1LED to mark designated exit routes.

SLAM® HORNET EM 1LED is available in different sets to suit a variety of needs. Contact ATEXOR to learn more about the benefits of choosing this product.

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