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New SEMIC SP portable and SEMIC SF fixed work lights

Posted on: 23.10.2020 by Team Atexor

We are happy to announce our new line of compact Ex work lights, the portable SEMIC SP and fixed SEMIC SF.  Built using a modular construction with no-compromise, high quality components, these versatile ATEX certified work lights can be used in a truly wide range of applications. Both offer the same exceptional safety ratings, including op-is approval. They deliver 650 lumens and feature our SafeEye® technology to ensure the light is easy on workers’ eyes.

The SEMIC SP supports with all major Ex plug types and comes with custom-length cabling. You can also use the SP as an add-on for SLAM sets. The SEMIC SF can be used as a semi-portable light or installed as a fixed machine lamp or bulkhead.

All SEMIC work lights are designed, developed and manufactured by Atexor in Finland.

For more details about SEMIC SP, please visit our SEMIC SP product page.

For more details about SEMIC SF, please visit our SEMIC SF product page.