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EX Lighting Experts for Norway

Posted on: 28.2.2020

We are very excited to announce a new partnership catering to the Norwegian market. As of February 2020, Exentric is the exclusive provider of Atexor solutions in Norway.

“Having worked with Atexor years ago and the quality they deliver, we are equally excited to take on this role and grow the Ex lighting business in Norway,” says Dag Jonassen, Managing Director at Exentric.

Dag and R&D manager Per Arild Brekke bring deep knowledge of Explosion Hazardous Area equipment to the table. As a former production manager, Per knows EX lighting inside and out.

“This is the essential value we add to the Atexor partnership,” explains Dag. “Not only do we have local presence and can meet with customers face-to-face, but we also provide a tremendous amount of experience and know-how for customers.”

While the ATEX directive is well-known in Norway and remains the primary requirement for Ex lighting, understanding what exactly is needed for a given application is more elusive. “When we work with customers, we share our Ex lighting knowledge to help customers define the best lighting setup based on their actual needs,” says Dag. “This ensures they get good, safe lighting solutions that are fit for purpose.”

“And frankly, the Atexor products are amazing,” he adds. “Certainly among the best, if not the best in the market today. The quality is exceptional, and it is backed up by a team that is extremely supportive and reacts fast when it comes to new requests. I can really see how Atexor wants to help us and help the Norwegian market.”

Growth is on the horizon in Norway. Many fixed Ex lighting installations have conventional luminaires that are reaching end of life. Modernization projects are being planned to upgrade these installations to use long-lasting LED luminaires.

“We see fixed lighting as a huge growth opportunity as we establish ourselves as the biggest provider for portable Ex lighting in Norway,” says Dag. “Rigs, refineries and many other industrial installations are switching over to LEDs now.”

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