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Atexor’s long standing relationship with the Aviation Industry

Posted on: 5.3.2020

The aviation industry is well versed when it comes to safety and incident prevention and is a prime example of an industry that relies on specialist equipment designed for use in potentially explosive environments.  

Aircrafts are exposed to extreme environmental conditions in the air and on the ground so require extensive, consistent maintenance.  The maintenance equipment is subject to strict safety stands and certification.  Which is where Atexor fitin.   

Our products are designed to support these types of working conditions and environments.  We are no stranger to providing industrial sectors including the Aviation industry with ATEX certified equipment and have been working with them for years.  This is our Aviation story 

It all began in 1996, when Atexor, formerly known as Centaurea Oy at the time, was in the process of developing the first ATEX certified lighting product for the Airbus and the military F18 fighters, also known as Hornets – Which is where the inspiration to name our portable EX lighting solution ‘SLAM® Hornet’ originates from 

To this day, our portable lights are still called SLAM® Hornet’, as a nod to our long-standing and evolving relationship with the Finnish Military who are currently updating their fleet with the third generation of Atexor equipment.  

Securing the military contracts in 1996 was a huge honour for us and we are extremely proud as this relationship continues to strengthen alongside the growing demand within the aviation industry for Ex-certified lighting products.   

The next significant aviation opportunity for us arose in France in 1998 when we secured large contracts with three major players in the aircraft sector; Air France, Airbus and the French Military – all of whom are still customers to this day and we estimate that 4,000 Atexor EX products are currently being used on their assembly lines across France. 

We have continued over the years to extend our aviation customer base and build new relationships across the world on projects with KLM, Finnair and Air France and more!  

It’s not just our SLAM® Hornets, that are being used worldwide. Thousands of our MICA® Handlamps are used in airlines across the globe including SAS, Lufthansa and Finnair as well as many airport fire departments worldwideTo ensure our MICA® IL-80 Handlamps are up to the case, the technical team in Heathrow Airport test them with skydrola fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid, which is challenging for most products to endure, ensuring our lamps are tough enough for these conditions.     

Overall MICA® handlamps are so reliable, even the technical team in Siberia use them in planes where they withstand temperatures nearly minus 50 degrees Celsius  

All in all Atexor is committed to continuous development of solutions and products for hazardous working environments.  The aviation industry is a huge part of the Atexor legacy – it will always be an important part of our history and also our future.