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IECEx certified lighting for Safehouse Group.

Atexor helps Safehouse deliver success in Australia

Posted on: 2.9.2021 by Team Atexor

At Atexor we like to talk about our speed and flexibility, that we can design bespoke lighting solutions, and so forth. In a word, we are agile. Agility doesn’t guarantee success, though.

Success needs teamwork, and not just any kind. It must be based on transparency, trust and the mutual respect. Oh, and products that live up to their reputation are also kind of important.

Ever heard the word “antipode”? It’s the point on the opposite side of the planet from where you are if you traveled straight through earth. That’s about where Australia is compared to our home base in Finland. Not exactly, but you get the idea.

You might think the distance is detrimental to teamwork, and you would be right. Face-to-face is better, but that’s not always possible, especially in today’s pandemic reality.

How do you deliver a successful project on the other side of the planet? It starts with a strong local partner. In our case, that would be Vector Supplies and their well-established credibility. Combine that with our solid track record for Safehouse Group and excellent representatives from INLEx Engineering – today a part Safehouse, congratulations! –  and you get custom lighting solutions in no time.

Our Australian friends specialize in providing equipment for hazardous areas and 3rd party compliance inspections. This includes the unique requirements of habitats – pressurized tents for hot-work-permit area jobs.

Australia requires IECEx certification for hazardous area equipment. Not a problem for Ex lightning solution providers, right? Things got interesting with the additional habitat requirements.

They needed an Ex-certified lighting solution that can withstanding ambient temperatures up to 45 °C, supply low voltage supply (24 VAC), use bespoke cable braiding and feature branded labelling on each piece of equipment. Toughest of all, everything needed to be delivered in just a few weeks.

Without open, transparent teamwork, this sort of project is just not feasible. Regular, at times daily, virtual meetings, straight-forward discussions with experts, and the flexibility that comes from having our own R&D and manufacturing turned this project into a real win-win-win.

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