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Atexor Ex-lighting factory in Seinajoki

ATEXOR Factory closed week 31/2021

Posted on: 21.6.2021 by Team Atexor

Our factory is closed week 31/2021

The Atexor factory in Seinäjoki, Finland, will be closed 2-8 August this year for our summer break. This is our annual tradition to ensure all our workers have time to relax and recharge their own batteries. Often, we also use this time for renovations that are not possible during normal operations.

During the break, there will be no shipping from Finland. Please take this into account when placing orders and planning deliveries.

The weeks prior to and immediately after our summer break are typically very busy as well. If you have projects planned during this time, please contact us for assistance. Our Customer Service remains open while the factory is closed.

We would also like to take this moment wish you all a good summer! Best regards, Atexor Team.