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Tuomas Seilo

An interview with Tuomas Seilo, Business Development Manager at Atexor Oy

Posted on: 25.9.2019

We caught up with our Business Development Manager, Tuomas Seilo, who joined Atexor in 2001. In the interview, Tuomas discusses how he’s seen his job at Atexor change over the years and where he see’s Atexor continuing to growing internationally. Tuomas also discusses his passion for working in the hazardous area sector and how Atexor helps companies deliver safer working practices.

How long have you been with the Atexor team and how has your job role changed over the years?

I’ve been with Atexor, formerly Centaurea Oy, since 2001, it’s been quite a long time!

I joined the company straight from school as the Area Sales Manager.  During that time, the sales responsibilities were divided geographically, and I primarily covered the German, French and Belgium markets as well as a few countries in the Middle East.

As the company grew rapidly over the years, I soon became the Business Development Manager. My role involves developing sales channels and building value-added partners all over the world.  The job takes me all over the world as our sales activity now covers a much wider geographical area.

Overall, it’s been an amazing 18 years, one of my career highlights was when I was stationed in Germany from 2013 until last Christmas. It was a sharp five years developing a base that would provide Atexor with greater access to customers and opportunities to further develop our partner network. Now that the base is fully functional, I’m back in Finland with my young family.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve seen in the ATEX / EX-lighting sector and how has this been conquered by Atexor?

The 2015 dramatic oil price slump definitely challenged us. Companies merged and customers just disappeared resulting in our client base changing completely. In fact, it changed the whole Oil & Gas industry and still effects customer buying behaviour today as we now operate in a more efficient and sustainable environment.

However, Atexor adapted to this new way of working and pulled through the downturn by streamlining our operations to become more efficient as well as developing and launching innovative EX-lighting solutions that helped us stand out and stay ahead of the game.

Can you name your favourite project during your time with Atexor?

The recent launch of our SLAM® Emergency Lighting range has been a particular favourite of mine. I’ve enjoyed not just promoting these impressive products, but also delivering value added solutions to our customers, which could help save lives.

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Why do you enjoy working in the hazardous area sector?

Atexor never compromise on safety and it is rooted in everything that we do. It brings me great satisfaction that I play a part in ensuring our customers can operate safer and more efficiently with using our high-quality products.

What are the key things companies need to consider when making explosion-hazardous areas safer?

Companies need to complete detailed risk assessments, and fully evaluate all potential dangers relating to their working environment. They also need to select the right high-quality equipment that is most suitable for the job at hand as well as the environment. People should always be the top priority and keeping them safe is what we do best.

Where do you see the greatest opportunity for Atexor to develop internationally?

Currently, Asia is very up and coming so it will be exciting to see what the future holds there.

What makes Atexor stand out in other hazardous area lighting players?

We do not believe in the hard sell.  We work in partnership with our clients and in all honesty, our products do the talking – that’s what sets us apart. Also, large Operators enjoy working with smaller partners as we are more agile and can get the job done efficiently.

We also have an impressive research and development centre next to our factory in Finland, and that boosts our credibility because Finland is known for producing high quality products.

You’ve travelled a lot because of work, where’s your most special place to visit?

Two places stand out to me.  Firstly, Das Island in the Persian Gulf.   We went by small plane and had to obtain special permissions just to get in – it was an experience I will never forget.

Secondly, Brazil.  The people made it special. Compared to Finland, the culture is very different, so I really enjoyed learning about their histories and tasting all the delicious food!

Where do you like to travel that’s not work related?

I love travelling, but with more climate change awareness my family and I are more interested in finding exciting adventures to do nearer home. There are many amazing places to visit and holiday across Finland and we like to explore.  It’s just a matter of finding time to do it.

Life is not just work. What do you do while not working?

For the past 28 years I’ve trained in martial arts and I’m now a Sensei at my local karate club. I train twice per week and attend seminars as often as I can.  I also have two young sons at home so we have a very busy lifestyle!