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An interview with Tanja Niemi, Sales Coordinator at Atexor Oy

Posted on: 21.1.2020

Tanja Niemi has been with Atexor since 2013, initially joining our despatch department before moving into our sales division as Sales Coordinator. During her time, she has developed her management, personal and language skills and enjoyed being part of a successful team. Hear from Tanja in a recent interview as to what life has been like working at Atexor on her journey so far… 

You’ve been at Atexor for 6 years, how did you get into this line of work? 

I was originally working for my family’s company who produce weather protection systems but was looking for a change and I felt it was time to go in a different direction.   When I had a look at our local recruitment opportunities here in Seinäjoki, I saw Atexor was looking for someone to join their despatch department and the rest is history! 

Tell us how your role has changed over the years? 

As I said, my time with Atexor began in the despatch department, which was a fast paced, interesting and dynamic role.   I learned so much within that team about the products we manufacture and how quality and customer service excellence is always a priority.  Two years later, I was asked to join the growing sales team and I jumped at the chance to become closer to our clients and prospective clients.  I have been in this role for four years now. 

What does a typical day look like as Sales Coordinator? 

My day is always extremely busy, but that’s how I like it! I typically start my day checking emails before finalising and processing live sales orders and transferring them to our exports team. Being Sales Coordinator, my keen eye for detail comes in handy as I must ensure every sales document is correct and delivery notes are accurate.   

What’s been your proudest achievement so far?  

Moving into the sales team has definitely been one of my highlights, and I feel I’ve really made the role my own. At Atexor, everyone works as a team, and I get a great sense of achievement when we receive big orders and expand our global customer base.  Another highlight was receiving management training to support my professional development.   

Now having had the management training, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

I don’t tend to think that far ahead, as I much prefer living in the moment.   But there are some changes coming soon to AtexorI can’t wait for the next chapter! 

What’s the most enjoyable part of working in Atexor’s International team? 

I really enjoy being in contact with different people from all over the world.  My English is pretty good and getting the opportunity to speak a second language daily is another way that I’m developing my skills which I love.    

 Do you find any challenges working with clients across the world? 

The business culture can be very different depending on where you are operating, which can cause misunderstandings.  Although, I find this is always a good learning point for both cultures so we can understand how best to work together.   The only challenge is coming up with new solutions and innovative results to support our client’s challenges. 

 If you could travel to any of Atexor’s international client destinations for a holiday, where would you go? 

Definitely Singapore  It’s a beautiful country, so I would love to get to know the people, culture, taste the delicious cuisine and local delicacies, not to mention enjoy some time in the sun.  

Finally, when the weekend comes what do you do to re-charge your batteries?  

The weekends are when I get to spend some quality time with my daughter, we enjoy playing board games, reading books and watching movies together. Other than that, I don’t tend to make plans as I just try to relax and go with the flow.