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An interview with Adrian Jewell, General Manager at Atexor Ltd.

Posted on: 14.5.2020 by Team Atexor

We caught up with Adrian Jewell, General Manager of our Atexor UK operations, who joined us early in 2020.

Why did you decide to join Atexor?

I wanted to stay connected to the ATEX lighting marketspace and found the challenge of working for a company that works primarily in portable lighting to be of interest. When I was researching Atexor as part of my due diligence, I discovered a strong history of technological innovation, such as i.e. the portable Ex-area lights SLAM® Hornets which were a market first.

I spent a great deal of time in discussions and meetings with Jukka Viitasalo, our MD, and found that we shared many core business beliefs.

Since joining as General Manager of the UK business in early spring of this year, I have found Atexor has a great culture with a real team spirit and focus on the customer.

Tell us about your career and experience?

I have worked in the electrical industry all my life, firstly in electrical distribution, then for the last 25 years in manufacturing. I have gained experience working for some market leading companies as well as small start-up companies, so I have seen all sides of the market.

For the last fifteen I have been involved in LED technology, and for much of that time within the ATEX markets. I have worked at the national, regional and local levels, and for the last twenty years managing teams has always been part of my role.

What do you bring to Atexor?

My strengths are in sales leadership, with strong organizational skills and a passion for sales. I have many contacts across the UK electrical industry, with many in distribution. I look forward to discussing Atexor’s products and capabilities with them.

My style is to lead from the front, and to support the sales team with strong mentoring and coaching. I have a very strong background in LED technology and market applications. This is a great fit as Atexor’s product lines are solution based, so ensuring that we are interacting with our customers to deliver first class products and services is paramount to our continued success and growth.

With a strong LED Technology background and previous experience sitting on Product Strategy boards, I will be working with Atexor’s NPD team to assist in new product innovation as well.

How do you see the future of Atexor Ltd. and the opportunities for new applications/segments in the UK?

We have built a strong base in Scotland, and we have good penetration into the Oil & Gas market. However, I see our products having a much broader market appeal, these vertical markets for instance, chemical, aviation, pharma and heavy industry. We are having success in some and have already and we have built a comprehensive plan to develop these markets even further.

How do you unwind? What about your family?

Family is important to me. My wife Jeannette and I have two adopted children, and I really enjoy cooking for the family and our free time together.

Music has always been important, I used to be a semi-professional keyboard player, but as family demands on time became more challenging, I retired from this. I still enjoy playing at home. I also collect Vinyl Records; I have a large and varied collection.

Supporting my local community is also important to me where I contribute as a Scout Leader and School Governor.

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