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Article by Tuomas Seilo. Picture by Sari Vahersalmi.

The Importance of Lighting

Posted on: 20.11.2018

Atexor Business Development Manager, Tuomas Seilo, delves into the importance of light not only in everyday life but also in hazardous working conditions in his article titled ‘Empowered by Light’.

In the article, Tuomas discusses how a lot of people aim for maximum light output from luminaires when really their goal should be to find the source of the highest quality of light.

With a detailed description of the best kind of light for working conditions and how we react differently to certain types of light, Tuomas demonstrates some of the lighting knowledge behind the Atexor team.

Looking into LEDs, the latest in lighting technology, Tuomas addresses the benefits and disadvantages of LED lights and how extra precautions need to be taken during manufacture to control the risks when using them for safety lighting.

All Atexor products are carefully designed, manufactured and tested for use in their intended environment. We are constantly looking into ways to embrace all the benefits new technology brings with it whilst minimising any risks for Hazard Ex lighting.

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