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20+ years of Slam in the UK

Shedding some light on the SLAM journey

Posted on: 29.1.2019

20+ years of SLAM in the UK!

Behind every successful and innovative product, there is always a first.   That entrepreneur or business that was passionate enough to invent, design and make an idea reality.  And that is exactly what Atexor, formerly Centaurea did all those years ago.

When it comes to portable ATEX-certified lighting, SLAM was the first of its kind and has been delivering long term reliability and safer working environments across industrial sectors since 1991.  The hero behind the industry first range of portable lighting is Tuomas Luomala who has dedicated his life to the development of safer working tools and lighting solutions, starting the business supporting shipyards and the defence sector across Finland.  Today, Atexor has grown into an industry wide global operation and in 2016, we established a UK base, providing EX lighting solutions across the country at a local level from Aberdeen, Norwich & London.

But the SLAM UK journey didn’t start there.

In fact, the SLAM range of products have been used across the UK supporting the Oil & Gas industry on and offshore for more than 20 years.  Originally, some of the SLAM range was available in the UK via a network of distributors but with a change in business objectives, Atexor developed a strategy to get closer to our UK customers, provide a more personal touch and commit to the region by making our full range of products and accessories available direct from us, the manufacturer.

SLAM UK – Today

Our diversification and change of business model delivering SLAM direct to market has not only strengthened our relationships with customers but allowed us to educate our UK users about our suite of products.

We are, and always have been, the innovators, designers, manufacturers and experts behind SLAM and through building three bases and a workforce across the UK, we are truly supporting our clients at a local level.  This has enabled Atexor to tailor our lighting products even further as we have built a direct understanding of our clients’ specific needs and the environments they operate in resulting in a more fit for purpose long term solution.  Furthermore, we have the ability to significantly reduce lead-times and can offer same day delivery from our impressive warehouse of products stored in Aberdeen.

Since July 2016 with the opening of the Aberdeen office, the team has grown the client base across the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Aviation sectors supplying SLAM direct to Electrical suppliers and asset owners.

The man behind the UK helm is Derek Scott, Atexor’s Head of UK Sales.  Derek has a real sense of pride in how far the business has come and believes the success is down people.  Derek explains: “People buy from people and to grow in the UK, we knew that we had to get closer to our customers.  For us, it is important to get the right product to fit individual requirements.   We are committed to forging long-term relationships with our clients so that we really understand their challenges.   We don’t just sell SLAM.  Our strength lies in working closely with our customers to find their pain points and identify exactly what they need and how SLAM and other products can meet those needs.” 

Atexor Ltd. – The Facts

Atexor Ltd. was formed Bases in Aberdeen, Norwich

& London

Extensive Stock inventory

in Aberdeen

Growing client base Huge direct UK sales growth since 2016 Further 50% UK growth
target for 2019-20

SLAM UK has really “Taken Off”!

If you would like more details on SLAM products in the UK, contact Derek Scott.