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New Video on Transportable and Portable Ex Equipment

Posted on: 21.6.2018

We have recently put together a new video to add to our informative collection. This time, our Business Development Manager, Tuomas Seilo, explains the differences between Transportable and Portable certifications.

Set in a working environment, Tuomas takes viewers through a journey discussing the importance in – first of all – identifying whether equipment is certified as Transportable or Portable. This will ultimately have an impact on installation and safety requirements as explained throughout.

Tips and advice

Ex-certification of putting together different components can be complex and is often a source of confusion. To find out the easy way to overcome this – watch the video now to see Tuomas clearly outline what operators should do.

Want to know more

If you need help in choosing the right Ex lighting solution for you, please get in touch with Tuomas Seilo, by either phone +358-20-734-326-3 or email

For UK enquiries, please contact our Head of UK Sales, Derek Scott by either phone +44 1224 640777 or email

To view the full video, visit here.