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Lighting the way at Kilpilahti petrochemical plants

Posted on: 14.12.2018

ATEX certified SLAM FIXED® 1LED & 2LED luminaires

Petrochemical production plants are regularly faced with the challenge of safe and efficient lighting during periods where maintenance programmes require the shutdown of electrical equipment and power supply.  In addition to this challenge, it is essential for these EX-hazardous facilities to adhere to rigorous safety standards and procedures at all times to ensure proactive identification of hazards, prevention of accidents and to minimise associated risks.

Recently, Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions for polyolefins, basic chemicals and fertilizers approached Atexor with this very problem.  They were looking to install new lighting to the above-ground pumping station which forms part of the new underground gas storage area at a production plant in Kilpilahti.  This particular plant includes areas with extremely strict occupational safety requirements due to the presence of potentially explosive gas and the added challenge of harsh weather conditions.

Having formed a trusted relationship with Atexor, Borealis had a good understanding of our MICA hand lamps that are designed for explosive hazardous working conditions.  These products have been used across the Borealis Kilpilahti production plants delivering temporary lighting solutions to support maintenance and inspection programmes for the past 20 years.

Our Solution

As a leading EX-lighting and power distribution company with over 35 years-experience designing and developing standards and solutions for lighting and power supply used in hazardous working environments, Atexor was well positioned to provide our expertise to meet the demanding requirements at Kilpilahti.

Working closely with Borealis, we found the most cost effective lighting solution to meet the needs of the hazardous working environment, without compromising on ATEX safety requirements.   SLAM FIXED® is a temporary EX-lighting and power supply product range specifically designed for use in confined spaces and dangerous locations and was the ideal solution.

The SLAM FIXED® 1LED and 2LED luminaires are encased in exceptionally shock-resistant plastic, which considerably exceeds the EX certification requirements of luminaires.  The LED’s can withstand extreme conditions and are designed and certified to effectively operate at –40oC making them ideal for harsh northern climates.   Borealis also found the translucent plastic lens components a particularly important safety factor due to its antistatic properties.

The luminaires were pre-fitted at the factory with bespoke cables selected by Borealis and Atexor designed mounting fixtures to ease installation.

Jouko Mäkelä Maintenance Manager at Borealis Porvoo commented: “We were extremely pleased with Atexor’s working methods. They genuinely listened to the special needs of our demanding conditions and we were able to work together to build a lighting solution that suits us best. The philosophy of Atexor works.”

Added Value

Robust safety management systems support these high risk environments from two different perspectives: process safety and occupational health and safety.  EX-lighting plays a pivotal role in both of these areas.   Not only will the right lighting solution promote the safety of employees working at the plant but they also provide advanced technology that can be effectively used in subzero conditions and wind.

Borealis valued Atexor’s capability and willingness to create a lighting solution that was perfectly suited to the conditions and systems of their plant.

The steady light of the SLAM FIXED® LED luminaires ensures excellent visibility in all conditions and the SafeEye® feature used by Atexor protects users from being dazzled by the light.   The LED luminaires are also extremely lightweight, easing installation and the long service life of LED is a huge advantage in these working environments as they consume small amounts of energy, reducing service costs.

Atexor’s expertise, reliability and responsiveness combined with advanced ATEX certified technology ensured the following benefits:

– Long lifecycle with a reduced need for maintenance
– Safe, sufficiently strong glare-free LED light with the SafeEye® feature
– Shock resistance that clearly exceeds test standards
– Strong light tube made from antistatic polycarbonate
– Pre-prepared, adaptable installation kit – easy to install
– Optimal cold and heat properties in the northern climate
– Compliance with IEC 60079-28 (“op is”)
– Replaceable protective film accessory

Put simply, we helped Borealis to see better and work better.

Atexor is delighted to confirm we are also scheduled to support Borealis with their forthcoming large scale lighting improvement programme which includes the replacement of old luminaires to improve safety and their operating environment as well as reduce service costs.  We will shed some light on this project in the coming months!

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