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Introducing Atexor’s Smallest EX Light the MICA® ML-808 Rechargeable Handlamp

Posted on: 2.1.2018

Our high powered ATEX handlamps – MICA® ML-808 – is an ideal safety solution that is used by thousands of industry professionals daily across the globe.

With advanced features and an improved design, this pocket-sized rechargeable handlamp an extension from our well-known MICA® ML-800. The tempered glass 3.2mm lens is specially toughened, making it resistant to scratches and most chemicals. With it’s extremely rugged construction, it is ultra-robust making it almost unbreakable, which is why so many industry professionals choose to use it. As standard, this hand lamp comes with a strong belt clip and wrist strap, the emergency function and blink mode can be added as optional extras.

The MICA® ML-808 uses a high power LED that features two power modes, these range from delivering 25 lumens while on low-power mode right up to over 100 lumens when on high-power mode with users having the option to drop the light output to extend the battery life. The total operating time on a full charge can last up to 15 hours with the LED bar indicating the battery capacity, deep-discharge prevention and low battery warning.

As a certified ATEX product, the MICA® ML-808 has been designed and manufactured by Atexor’s highly skilled and qualified employees at our extensive manufacturing facilities based in Finland. Our teams are continually working tirelessly to create further advanced, safer and more durable lighting solutions.

If you would like more information on acquiring our leading rechargeable headlamp, please get in touch with our Worldwide Sales team on +358 20 734 3250 or email Atexor’s Head of UK Sales, Derek at

To view the MICA® ML-808, click here.