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Interesting Question: Do you Read Your Ex Product Manual?

Posted on: 3.7.2018

Atexor Senior Technology Manager, Tarmo Rintala, has been looking into the dangers in disregarding Ex product manuals in his most recent LinkedIn article.

Tarmo identifies in his latest article how easy it is to get a new product and be complacent with instructions – indeed completely ignoring them – and this is something that we have potentially all done!

However, as Tarmo discusses – not knowing your Ex product, its limitations, the correct installation of it or indeed the safe use for temporary workers – can cause major risks for workers in hazardous areas.

He also warns of the dangers in not adhering to essential maintenance and cleaning guidelines which can also lead to serious risks.

In the article, Tarmo strongly advises against disregarding any manuals, emphasizing the importance in making sure that all workers have access to them – and indeed read and follow the manuals closely – to uphold best safety practices.

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