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Low voltage lighting is needed in confined spaces. Article by Tuomas Seilo. Picture by Tosikuva Oy.

Confined Spaces Present Special Needs for Low Voltage Lighting

Posted on: 29.4.2019 by Team Atexor

In his latest article, ‘Low Voltage Lighting,’ Atexor Business Development Manager, Tuomas Seilo, explains the unique risks of confined spaces and how low voltage applies to illuminating these areas.

What is commonly referred to as “low voltage” is technically “extra-low voltage” according to international standards. In his article, Tuomas explains the difference and addresses the need for protection against electrocution in confined spaces, regardless of whether they include Ex-classified zones or not.

Although low voltage equipment is nothing new, Tuomas illustrates how simple mistakes or incorrect use of low voltage lighting can put workers in danger. Take nothing for granted, he emphasizes. Electrocution is a major risk that should never be ignored.

Atexor Ex-lighting solutions are designed and manufactured in Finland. We test every single unit that comes of the production line to ensure it meets our high standards and complies with Explosion Hazardous Area requirements.

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