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Atexor OY Develops Custom Lighting Solution in Partnership with Neste Corporation Refinery

Posted on: 1.10.2018

We are delighted to have worked with Neste Corporation to develop a custom made lighting range, tailored to their safety and energy needs.

Neste Corporation -the largest producer of its kind, creating renewable diesel made from waste and residues – mostly work in the Baltic Sea area to constantly develop new products and solutions to meet their customer needs.

The refinery needed to replace its old fluorescent tubes with new equipment that would increase safety, reduce maintenance and costs, whilst also be environmentally friendly.

Atexor was chosen by Neste Corporation due to our vast experience in providing EX-lighting solutions for hazardous work areas. After assessing the company’s requirements, it was clear that they needed more than ordinary lighting, and as such, we worked with the company to develop a new product family – SLAM FIXED® WS.

The new custom lighting range took into consideration every detail of the hazardous working environment of Neste’s workers ensuring that the products provided were both ATEX certified as well as meeting the strict requirements necessary for LED optical radiation certification (IEC 60079-28). The SLAM FIXED® WS lights were created using the latest LED technology to ensure the lighting solutions provided are reliable, low cost, and energy efficient.

Exceptionally light in weight, the SLAM FIXED® WS lights incorporates enhanced safety features such as being created with antistatic and extremely shock-resistant EX plastic cover. The safety features of this product make this lighting range perfect for Neste’s cold and hazardous work as the products are fully certified to endure -40°C degrees.

This range of custom designed ATEX luminaires also boasts Atexor’s SafeEye® feature which means the light is strong but glare-free, protecting the workers sight and acting as a non-irritant. The full product range was delivered pre-prepared and the adaptable kit itself was tailor made making it very easy for Neste to install.

This project is another excellent demonstration of Atexors capabilities to understand our clients needs and develop a custom-made solution that is fit for purpose matching customers specific requirements. If you would like to know more about this project, or have a custom Ex-lighting requirement that we could assist with, please email us at or