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Atexor Features in HazardEx

Posted on: 15.6.2018

Atexor is delighted to have recently appeared in the latest edition of HazardEx. Our Senior Technology Manager, Tarmo Rintala, has provided his views in the publications latest article ‘Time to act on optical radiation from LED luminaires’.

The article comes on the back of Tarmo delivering a whitepaper at HazardEx 2018 which was held earlier this year. Focusing on the concerns about the potential dangers of LED luminaires increasing and the risks from optical radiation, Tarmo raises the point that the current certifications could indeed be causing higher risks in Ex areas as there is a gap between the technology and standards in place.

At present optical radiation and its practical implications remain relatively unknown, and in many cases, misunderstood. Tarmo is passionate about ensuring that when luminaires are purchased, that the question is always asked as to what the optical radiation certification is. He is a keen advocate in pursuing that the potential hazard of optical radiation is communicated in a more understandable way to ensure workforces operating in hazardous areas are as safe as they possibly can be.

The article simply breaks down the main risk of optical radiation, which is essentially dirt. Tarmo highlights that if companies are operating with dirty Ex luminaires, they need to act now rather than waiting for standards to change, as there is currently a catch-up motion in place. Click here to read the full article and to find out more about what you should do if you have growing concerns about your LED luminaires.