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An interview with Derek Scott, Head of UK Sales at Atexor Ltd.

Posted on: 16.4.2019

Derek Scott has been with Atexor since July 2016 and heads our UK sales and operations.  Derek was brought onboard to open our Aberdeen office, establish Atexor Ltd. and grow the client base across UK Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Aviation sectors.   Following a string of contract wins and continuing to build the Atexor profile, the UK division has gone from strength to strength.  The team has expanded across the region with key appointments including a Regional Sales Manager and Sales Co-ordinator to support the business as it continues to grow.  Hear from Derek below in a recent interview where he takes you through his Atexor journey so far…

Tell us about your background and previous roles before joining Atexor

I have worked in various management positions over the last 30 years, primarily in the construction industry and have always specialised in sales and business development.  I love working with people, making new contacts and building connections.  I am particularly passionate about guiding customers towards making the right decision about products and delivering the right solutions to meet their needs.

Before moving over to what I call the ‘dark side’, the oil and gas industry, I was Managing Director of a specialist Finnish timber window and door manufacturing company in the UK which led to a natural progression to launching Atexor Ltd.  This was a particularly challenging time and the Oil & Gas sector was facing one of its longest downturns in history.  However, I love a challenge, so this was right up my street to support Atexor to firm its roots in the UK.

Why did you pick Atexor as your next career move? 

Having previously worked for a Finnish company, I had experienced the Finnish culture and mentality, therefore had a great understanding of the role expectations.  I could see how I would clearly fit within the business model so when I was approached by the company and following discussions around the opportunity, I was excited about the prospect of being part of a company with a rich history within the UK as well as the chance to sell excellent products.

Having entered into a new sector with limited knowledge of Ex-lighting, how have you developed your knowledge?

The training and development programme offered by Atexor is second to none. When I initially joined the business, I spent some time in Finland in our manufacturing facilities where I participated in one to one training of the manufacturing process involved with our range of products.  This gave me a chance to get my hands dirty and really understand the technology.  I was also introduced to the key teams and functions, so I had an all-round understanding of the operations.

Training is very much an ongoing process and all staff are actively encouraged to engage in any training they feel will help them achieve their own goals.

How has this hands-on training approach helped your customers?

It’s extremely beneficial because I can support customers at a technical level.  I know how the products are assembled as well as all of its components, meaning clients receive direct technical expertise.   This is invaluable and certainly something that we believe sets Atexor apart from other companies.   Knowledge is empowering and Atexor encourages all staff to continue to learn.

You head up the sales team in the UK, what does this involve?

Although I’m Head of Sales, I pretty much get involved in all aspects of running the company here in the UK, and I really enjoy having such a vast role. From operations and account management, through to managing staff and invoicing, the role is all encompassing.

I have weekly communication with the wider management team in Finland via a video sales meeting so despite not being in the same country, we are a very tight-knit team.

What do you think makes Atexor stand out in the UK market?

Atexor products have been sold into the UK for over 20 years, via distributors but we have always been the manufacturer. Now having a presence in the UK with a base both in Aberdeen and in Norwich our direct sales strategy eases the customer journey.

In the last 20 years or so, most people using EX portable lighting equipment will have come across our range of SLAM® and/or Hornet brand names and our customers say that they are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of products within our industry.

We don’t just sell products; our strength is working closely with our customers to find their pain points and identify exactly what they need. For us, it is important to get the right product to fit the individual needs. This is how we have been successful in forging long term relationships with our clients as we really get under the skin of their requirements.

What is the most popular product in the UK market?

Our SLAM® Hornets are by far the most popular product within the UK with tens of thousands of them being out there in the marketplace. The product is very well known due to its quality and reliability; however, we are starting to see an increasing amount of orders for our wider range of products as their brand becomes more synonymous with SLAM.

Will Atexor Ltd be exhibiting at any upcoming events?

We have participated in a number of key events recently, but our most significant presence at UK event will be at this year’s Offshore Europe in September.  So watch this space for more info on that!

What are Atexor Ltd’s plans for the next 12 months?

Our goal is to continue to fulfill the needs of our existing client base through continuing to provide our long-lasting products that are fit for purpose, whilst also growing our client base and spreading the word further about our robust portable EX-lighting and power distribution systems.

It is an exciting time at Atexor Ltd. as we also offer custom designed solutions by which we are creating new products that are fit for purpose, solving increasingly complex challenges faced by our clients that are operating in harsher environments.   Our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities really sets Atexor apart to jointly develop unique products which we are looking forward to seeing more of over the next 12 months.

If youwould like to chat to Derek and find out directly more about Atexor Ltd., please feel free to email him at