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Hannes Tarkiainen from Atexor pictured

An interview of our Procurement Manager Hannes Tarkiainen.

Posted on: 25.8.2020 by Team Atexor
  1. You’ve been at Atexor for 20-years. How did it all start?

After graduating in 2000 from Seinäjoki Polytechnic, I noticed the company who manufacture the MICA® re-chargeable handlamps had a challenging position available in production and material purchasing.  I felt like it was the perfect match, and I was lucky enough to get the job!

  1. 20 years is a quite a milestone, what roles have you had?

I initially started as the production leader. My main tasks were to improve the efficiency of our manufacturing process and re-organize material purchasing and the shipment process.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in many different positions. For example, I helped establish our manufacturing facilities in St. Petersburg and was a key member of the team implementing a new EPR-system from design to use.

The merging of Mica Elektro Oy and Centaurea Oy was also a very interesting time. We successfully introduced the two companies to a new ‘Atexor’ way of working including production and supply chain.

After that I have been focused on simplifying and strengthening our supply chain process including creating new purchasing procedures and further developing our procurement strategy.

  1. You have been part of the Atexor journey, what has changed over the years?

I must say Atexor has improved greatly over the years. When we make changes and advancements, everyone will engage and is committed to the strategy.

The world is changing faster all the time, so companies and employees need to do the same. Safety-wise, ATEX and IECEx-standards have become tighter, and Atexor not only adhere to these regulations continuously, we also lead the way.

Today customers require solutions quickly. In response to their fast-changing needs, we’ve created an effective and efficient team internally and have a trusted global network of suppliers.

  1. Since joining Atexor in 2000, what has been your most significant memory?

In 2011, we did a big project for a Swiss customer – a custom variant of our ATEX certified MICA® ML-808 handlamp.  They ordered nearly 3,000 units. We tuned up our production and employees to ensure we gave our best and effectively fulfilled the order on a extremely tough delivery schedule.  It was exhausting, but we had an immense feeling of pride when it was completed.

  1. Tell us about your biggest learning or most difficult challenge in the last 20+ years?

I must say that the biggest learning during my 20 years has been the value of teamwork. When you have highly skilled and motivated people around, you can learn and improve a lot and that makes work more enjoyable.

The biggest challenge has been to implement a new EPR system whilst still taking care of my daily responsibilities.

Covid-19 has of course been a challenge on many levels. For me personally, I have been working from my home office for years, so the impact was not big on that front. Atexor has supported remote working for years. Naturally, Covid-19 has affected our family’s everyday life, though, just like everyone else.

  1. Describe a typical day as Atexor’s ‘Procurement Manager’?

A typical day starts off by quickly checking emails from our global suppliers. Then I review our procurement status, looking at the ‘big picture’ and then focus on the areas that need action.  At the end of the day I plan priorities for the next day.

  1. What’s been your proudest personal achievement in the last 20-years?

Being told by my staff that I am the fairest and most supportive boss they have ever had.  Also, improving production efficiency around 30% using the LEAN principles and teaching employees to embrace this way of working has given me a lot of satisfaction.

  1. Finally, tell us about you away from Atexor. How do you relax to unwind from work?

After I finish work, I usually go for a walk with my dog, Bruno. He’s half poodle and half terrier. He looks like a poodle but with the mind of a terrier! Just being with my fiancé and two kids is a joy. When I can, I do like to go play badminton. My old house needs attention when I spare time, and I have a 70s VW Beetle in my garage waiting for me.