Ex proof SLAM FIXED Novo 2LED and pole fittings
Hazardous area illuminated with SLAM FIIXED NOVO 2LED ATEX.
EX Area lighti by Atexor OY
Two different ceiling / wall installation kits for SLAM NOVO Ex-proof lamps
SLAM FIXED ATEX light Novo opened
Atexor EX Area light Novo 2LED

Technical data

Code: Type A: SFN2LEDA
Certification: Ex II 2 G Ex eb mb op is IIC T4 Gb
Ex II 2 D Ex tb op is IIIC T90°C Db
Ingress protection: IP66
Operating temperature: -40 °C to +55 °C
Supply voltage: 230 VAC/DC
Dimensions: Type A: 1100 x 112 mm
Type B: 1168 x 112 mm
Weight: Type A: 3.4 kg
Type B: 3.7 kg
Options: Pole or ceiling/wall fixings


Reliable fixed luminaires units for Explosion Hazardous areas

  • ATEX, UKEX and IECEx certified for Zone 1 & Zone 21
  • T4 rating with operating range up to +55 °C
  • Independent LED modules improve reliability
  • SafeEye® technology for glare-free light
  • Pole-mount (Type-A) and through-wired (Type-B) models available

Featuring two independent LED modules in a linear arrangement for wide-area illumination, the SLAM FIXED® Novo 2LED delivers excellent reliability. If one LED module is damaged, the other continues to function normally for continuous lighting. This improves worker safety and also makes servicing more cost-effective.

The Novo 2LED utilizes the same corrosion resistant and dissipative materials as the smaller Novo 1LED. A robust construction with high-quality LEDs and components ensures steady operation in temperatures from -40 °C all the way up to +55 °C. There is no static charge build-up when cleaning installed luminaires.

Workers can confidently distinguish color thanks to a Color Rendering Index (CRI) over 80. Although the Novo 2LED produces many lumens, our SafeEye® technology turns the bright beams into steady illumination that is easy on worker’s eyes. SLAM FIXED® lights are also op is rated (IEC 60079-28).

The Novo 2LED is engineered with existing fluorescent installations in mind. The luminaire size and mounting points are ideal for swapping out old 2x36W fluorescent lamps. Replacing fluorescent installations with Atexor Ex lighting gives your workers better visibility, improving both efficiency and safety. At the same time, maintenance costs drop considerably thanks to the extra-long life of our high-quality linear Ex lights.

To make installations even easier, we offer two models. For standard pole installations, we off the A-model with a single cable connection. The B-model is through-wired for installations where lights need to be linked in a chain, such as along walls and ceilings. Both models deliver excellent 180-degree illumination, with light smoothly radiating outwards to eliminate strong, sudden changes to darkness.

Uniquely designed end caps and our versatile light fittings make retrofitting and installation changes simple. The round shape of the luminaires makes it easy to adjust the light direction for optimal illumination.

Our specialty is creating lighting solutions that best fit customer needs, from bespoke fittings to additional testing and Ex certifications. Contact us and let’s build the ideal solution for you.


Easily install our fixed Novo 2LED linear luminaires with the help of SLAM FIXED® installation kits for poles and ceiling or wall mounting. If you need custom fittings, don’t hesitate to contact us.


ATEX IECEx Zone 1 Zone 21