MICA® IL-800 Hand Lamp

Firetruck equipped with two MICA IL-800 ATEX hand lamps and ILC4 chargers.

Technical data

Certification IL-800 Zone 0: TÜV 10 ATEX 7878
IECEx TUR 11.0008
Certification IL-800 Zone 1: TÜV 10 ATEX 7879
IECEx TUR 11.0009
GAS ZONES IL-800 ZONE 0: Zones 0, 1 and 2
GAS ZONES IL-800 ZONE 1: Zones 1 and 2
DUST ZONES: Zones 21 and 22
Temperature classification: Gas: T4
Dust: 100°C
Ingress protection: IP67
Light source: 3 high luminous Cree LEDs
Power source: 6V Rechargeable NiMH battery
Operating time: Full power 6 h
Low power 12 h
Operating temperature: -20 °C to +40 °C
Weight: 1.1 kg
NSN:: 6230 58 001 4136
(IL-800 Zone 1)

MICA® IL-800 ATEX/IECEx Hand Lamp

A heavy duty, dual-mode hand lamp with full ATEX and IECEx certifications.

  • Three high-power CREE LEDS
  • Up to 200 lumens guaranteed over LED lifetime
  • Optional emergency function (EM) and blink mode (BK)
  • ATEX / IECEx to Zone 0 and Zone 1 areas
  • Temperature classification T4
  • IP67 housing

The Atexor MICA® IL-800 Zone 0 and Zone 1 are all-purpose, high quality hand lamps specially designed for use in Explosion Hazardous Areas. A handy dual-mode switch lets you choose between extending operating time or boosting light output. IL-800, like other MICA® handlamps, is designed and manufactured in our own factory in Finland.

Featuring a robust, dissipative construction and a tempered 5 mm lens, this hand lamp will not let you down when it is most needed. As an added bonus, the MICA® IL-800 floats if dropped in water.

Advanced electronics prevent deep discharge of the battery, and when battery is getting low, the beam starts to blink at 15 second intervals. 

You can also order both IL-800 models with our highly recommended Emergency Function (EM). When the MICA® IL-800EM is in the charger, the hand lamp turns on automatically if the main power supply is lost.

The EM function ensures you get a power supply warning and enough light to react safely. We see our EM function used everywhere, from oil rigs to refineries and a wide range of industrial and military scenarios. IL-800 Zone1 EM and IL-800 Zone0 EM are special models and we hope that you will take this into account when ordering.


The IL-800 is compatible with Atexor MICA® ILC4 chargers that can recharge an empty battery in less than six hours, even in +40 °C. For charging several IL-800 hand lamps at once, you can install a MICA® charging rack. Strong shoulder strap is included to all MICA IL-series lights. 


ATEX IECEx Zone 0 Zone 1