MICA® MLC Fast Charger

MICA MLC charger and IL-2 mains adapter.
Rechargeable MICA ML-808 ATEX hand lamp and MLC fast charger.

Technical data

CERTIFICATION: e-17, EC Type-approval Certificate
ENCLOSURE: High impact nylon/Aluminium
DIMENSIONS: 142 x 83 x 72 mm
WEIGHT: 170 g
NSN:: 6130 58 001 4127

MICA® MLC Fast Charger

  • Exceptionally robust housing
  • Input from vehicle (12–24V) or mains supply (with IL-2 mains adapter)
  • LED charge indicator

The advanced Atexor MICA® MLC charger recharges a depleted battery in less than three hours. The MLC can be fed either from the mains using the Atexor MICA® IL-2 AC/DC adapter or from a 12-24V vehicle battery. A tight-locking clip keeps the hand lamp firmly in place even in rough conditions. The MICA® MLC keeps your handlamp ready to use without risk of overcharging the battery. In fact, we recommend keeping your MICA® hand lamp in the charger at all times!

For vehicle installations, a 3-meter supply cable with marked plus and minus wires and a quick connector is available (Code: M01113). There are also other options available, please ask!

Detailed information about 100…240VAC: IL-2 Mains Adapter.