SLAM® TANK SET with SEMIC Inspection Lights

SLAM® TANK SET with SEMIC Inspection Lights

The Atexor SLAM® Tank Set with Inspection Lights includes:

  • 3 Hornet 2LED linear work lights
  • 1 Hornet EM 1LED light with battery backup
  • 3 SEMIC SP work lights
  • 1 24VAC SLAM® transformer (4 sockets)
  • 8 mounting brackets with strong magnets
  • 8 mounting straps

The SLAM® Tank Set with SEMIC SP work lights is designed for larger inspection jobs where the main temporary lighting can be installed with straps or magnets in specific locations and a hand-held like can be used to illuminate dark corners and tight spaces.

All cables and sockets can be customized to fit your precise needs.

All work lights feature our SafeEye® technology, which produces a smooth non-irritating light. Our portable Atexor SLAM® TrafoEX transformer delivers safe 24V power to the luminaires. Step-down transformer and Ex lights are also availble with 12 & 42VAC voltage.


In addition to protective, anti-static films, you can add optional end caps to your Hornet luminaires to keep your work lights clean.

Atexor SLAM® Hornet luminaires come with one of the widest fitting ranges on the market thank to our Click‘n Fix system for portable lighting. All fittings are dissipative and certified for use in Explosion Hazardous Areas.


ATEX Temporary lighting Zone 1 Zone 21