The Atexor SLAM® LINK-UP Tank Set includes:

  • 4 2LED linear work lights
  • 1 portable EXIT light with battery backup
  • 1 portable 42 VAC transformer (2 sockets)
  • 10 mounting brackets with strong magnets
  • 10 mounting straps

For large operations, we know the distance between your Explosion Hazardous Area and the transformer can be significant. For those tricky setups, we have created the Atexor SLAM® LINK-UP Tank Set. The entire set is fully ATEX certified and it’s ideal for tank cleaning, confined space entry, aircraft and tunnel maintenance.

Each work light features two LED units in a linear layout. With this arrangement, we maximize the total light output in an elongated, 180-degree field, perfect for tunnels, for example. The built-in Ex-socket outlets allow you to link the luminaires in a series to cover long areas. Use the EXIT light with battery backup to illuminate your designated exit route.

All work lights feature our SafeEye® technology, which produces a smooth non-irritating light. Our portable Atexor SLAM® TrafoEX transformer delivers safe 42 V power to the luminaires.

You get a full collection of Ex-certified Atexor SLAM® Click’n Fix magnetic brackets and straps for all luminaires.


ATEX IECEx Temporary lighting Zone 1 Zone 21