SLAM® Hornet 2LED

Temporary ATEX zone lighting with SLAM Hornet
ATEX Zone 1 sign.
Ex proof SLAM lamp in hazardous area.

Technical data

CERTIFICATION: II 2 G Ex emb op is IIC T4 Gb
II 2 D Ex tb op is IIIC T90°C Db
INGRESS PROTECTION: IP66 (with Stahl socket IP 54)
FREQUENCY: 0 Hz (DC), 50 Hz, 60 Hz
DIMENSIONS: 865 x 115 mm
WEIGHT: 3.1 kg
VARIABLES: A-cable in, C-cable in, socket out

SLAM® Hornet 2LED

A robust Ex luminaire with high-quality 360⁰ illumination

  • ATEX and IECEx certified for zones 1 & 21, T4
  • 360⁰ illumination
  • SafeEye® LED technology inside
  • Optical irradiance considered

Ideal for spreading an even light around a small confined space, the Atexor SLAM® Hornet 2LED is a strong work light with great portability.

SLAM® Hornet Ex luminaires with two LEDs also have two control units for built-in redundancy. If one control unit fails, the other one still keeps both LEDs working. This is just of several features we have developed over the years to ensure SLAM® Hornets are extremely reliable in extreme work conditions.

Atexor SLAM® Hornet leadlamps are solid inside and out. The entire luminaire is shock resistant by design. No matter how or where you bang it, the luminaire will keep on working. They are also certified as portable with no hidden limitations.

We use only high-quality LEDs with good numbers in all the key areas: CRI, lifespan, energy consumption and lumens. To balance the blinding effect of bright LEDs, SLAM® Hornets feature our SafeEye® diffuser solution. SafeEye® protects workers’ eyes without significantly reducing lumens, an important safety feature when working in dark confined spaces.

It is no understatement to say LEDs are intense. They can even ignite flammable materials, such as dust particles in the air. The standard IEC/EN 60079-28 defines ‘op is’ – optical irradiation at an inherently safe level – and we take the extra steps from design to testing and certification that ensure the powerful luminescence of our Ex work lights remains safe. All Atexor SLAM® Hornet worklights are op is rated.

Atexor SLAM® Hornet LED Ex luminaires are available for voltages from 110/230V to 12VAC/24VAC/42VAC. We also have a large variety of Ex certified plugs and sockets. When working in confined spaces, electrical equipment should be low voltage. Perfect source for 12, 24 or 42V is our SLAM® TrafoEX step-down transformer.


In addition to protective, anti-static films, you can add optional end caps to your luminaires to keep your work lights clean.

Atexor SLAM® Hornet luminaires come with one of the widest fitting ranges on the market thank to our Click‘n Fix system for portable lighting. We have developed brackets for just about any mounting, hooks and straps for all types of installations. All fittings are dissipative and certified for use in Explosion Hazardous Areas.


ATEX IECEx Temporary lighting Zone 1 Zone 21