SLAM® STAR Portable Floodlight

ATEX certified SLAM Star LED floodlight.
Portable SLAM LED floodlight in oil refinery.
Atexor's Star LED floodlight is easy to adjust to aimed area.
SLAM Star ATEX floodlight equipped with strong magnets.
SLAM® Tank Set explained.

Technical data

CERTIFICATION: Ex II 2 G Ex eb mb op is IIC T4 Gb
DIMENSIONS: 412 x 356 x 492 mm
WEIGHT: 10,5 kg (excluding cable, socket & plug)
VARIABLES: A-cable in, C-cable in and socket out, C-cable in and two sockets out

SLAM® STAR Portable Floodlight

  • ATEX certification for Zone 1
  • Temperature Class T4
  • Ingress Protection IP66
  • Supply Voltages: 24V/42V (transformer) 110VAC/230VAC (mains)
  • Long-life, powerful LEDs (50 000 hours)
  • 5,400 Lumens of clean white light (4000K)
  • Certified as Portable Ex equipment. Can be moved even while in use.

Throw some major light at your explosion hazardous work area safely and easily! We engineered the Atexor SLAM® STAR Portable Floodlight to ensure its surface temperatures remains very low during operation. The ultra-bright LEDs in the SLAM® STAR Portable Floodlight put out well over 5,000 tested lumens while generating hardly any heat.

With a 25˚ step-less adjustment, you can aim the light just as you need. You can also move the floodlight around at any time. There’s no need to disconnect the power supply!

We have carefully selected the materials for this ATEX certified floodlight to eliminate the risk of sparks. Everything is dissipative, so there is no buildup of static charge. And our clever double-shell construction means you can work worry-free. This Atexor floodlight is ready for tough use and abuse.

Each LED set is controlled by an independent, isolated electronics unit. If one fails, the others stay lit. Our electronics layout also further improves on the already low maintenance: each electronics unit can be individually replaced.

The input sockets (with 0-2 Ex-socket options) feature our new designs, which make repairs quick and easy if a cable or socket gets damaged.

You can include with your SLAM® STAR our sturdy magnets to mount the floodlight to steel walls and structures. Because the magnets are fully dissipative, you don’t need worry about grounding. And you can easily keep your floodlight lenses free of dirt and grime with our replaceable protective films.

When it comes to Ex lighting solutions, you can rely on our expertise. If this luminaire is not perfect for you, contact us. The Atexor Ex-Lighting Solutions team is ready to meet your exact requirements.


ATEX Temporary lighting Zone 1