SLAM® Cable Reel 16EX

Technical data

Code: SR16EX
Certification: I 2 G Ex e d IIC T4 Gb
II 2 D Ex tb IIIC 120°C Db
Ingress protection: IP66
Operating temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C
Supply voltage: 12VAC/VDC, 24VAC/VDC, 42VAC/VDC, 110VAC/VDC, 230VAC
Operating current: 16A (max)
Cable lengths: Small reel 15–50 m cable
Big reel 50–80 m cable
Dimensions: Small reel 460 x 550 x 275 mm
Big reel 580 x 720 x 325 mm
Options: 1C: one Ex socket
2C: two Ex sockets
Cable types: Orange: PUR
Yellow: Metal braiding + PUR

SLAM® Cable Reel 16EX

A portable cable reel for long-distance power on large Explosion Hazardous sites.

  • ATEX certified for zones 1 and 21
  • 15 – 80 meters
  • An important element for setting up temporary SLAM-lighting systems
  • An easy to move cable reel equipped with anti-static wheels

For portable distribution over long distances, we created the Atexor SLAM® Cable Reel 16EX. Every part of the reel is certified for use in Explosion Hazardous areas, all the way down to the dissipative wheels that make moving the reel on Ex job sites simple and easy.

We have a small version for cable lengths up to 50 meters, and a large version for long 50 to 80-meter cables. SLAM® cable reels cables keep your power distribution closer to hand in one safe, fully certified package. We have built it with all our customers’ needs in mind, and it supports input and supply voltages from 12 VAC/VDC all the way up to 230 VAC and all major Ex socket types.


ATEX Zone 1 Zone 21