SLAM FIXED® 1&2 LED Pole Bracket Kit

ATEX certified LED light SLAM FIXED Novo 1LED-A installed to pole.

SLAM FIXED® 1&2 LED Pole Bracket Kit

  • Strong stainless steel A4 (AISI316)
  • Same brackets can be used for 1LED & 2LED
  • Unique design supports a range of diameters
  • Light-weight and simple to install

The two-bracket kit can be used to install SLAM FIXED® 1LED and 2LED luminaires on vertical poles or horizontal tubes. Off-the-shelf, the brackets fit diameters from 40 to 46 mm, but we can customize the brackets to meet your precise requirements.

Since SLAM FIXED® luminaires come with pre-installed cables and fittings, the actual installation time with this simple bracket kit is reduced to an absolute minimum. There’s no need to cut and strip cables, and no special tools required. The luminaires are held in pace by a brace that allows for easy adjustment of the light direction.

If our installation kits do not perfectly meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our design team!