Our customers

Certified lightning solutions for explosion hazardous areas have been a core part of our offering from the very beginning. Our main focus is to improve safety for people working with portable lighting equipment. One of our key features is fast problem solving skills. That helps our customers get their solutions as soon as possible. All our products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Oil and Gas Industry

We provide solutions for the oil and gas industries. Our comprehensive selection of products in combination with our dedication to improve safety makes our products the obvious choice for demanding conditions within these industries.

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Fire and Rescue

Professionals within safety and security, such as firemen, the police and the military depend on our products. Many operations require safe and efficient lighting in very demanding and dangerous conditions. The Atexor product range caters for these operations.

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Traffic and Maintenance

The railway industry makes use of our innovative solutions. We provide an excellent selection of hand-held lamps that are functional and improve safety in various ways.  Maintenance work is easy and safe when done with adequate lighting.

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