Looking for more than actual lighting? In four expert services you will get everything you need to support your Atexor lighting system. Contact us to know more.

Lighting Design Service

Lighting for demanding conditions needs to be designed. To save our clients the trouble of doing this independently we offer our own experts to do it for you. This service incorporates all the planning and documentation needed to ensure a proper temporary lighting solution is designed for the client’s space. In-depth knowledge and special design tools are used to ensure best results.

Product Service Training

We want our clients to stay up-to-date. We offer a range of courses for different aspects of lighting from basic to advanced information about safety and temporary lighting. Each course is tailored for the specific needs of the client and can be held at the client’s or Atexor’s premises.

Product Maintenance

Atexor products are made to last. We want to make sure that they stay in perfect shape. Use our expert repair and maintenance to keep your equipment working smoothly. 


Want the skills to maintain your lighting system independently? Our service training program ensures that our clients get the right authorization to do service work onsite. The training can be held at the client’s or Atexor’s premises.


Interested? Need help? We want to tell you more about the four ways of improving your Atexor Lighting system. Contact us now.

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