SLAM® EM Tank Set

SLAM® EM Tank Set

The Atexor SLAM® EM Tank Set includes:

  • 3 portable work lights with EM-Function
  • 1 portable EXIT light with battery backup
  • 1 portable 24 VAC transformer (2 sockets)
  • 8 mounting brackets with strong magnets
  • 8 mounting straps

When you need maximum safety from your Explosion Hazardous Area lighting, the Atexor SLAM® EM Tank Set is the way to go. Each work light in this set is equipped with battery backup, ensuring the lights stay on even if the power doesn’t.

The entire set is ATEX certified, so you know everything you get is perfectly suited for Explosion Hazardous Areas.

In addition to latest LED technology, we added our unique SafeEye® technology to each luminaire, so they produce a smooth, non-irritating light. We use our portable Atexor SLAM® Trans400 transformer to deliver low-voltage power to the luminaires. You can link and arrange the work lights as needed, and use the EXIT luminaire to mark your primary exit route.

This set includes Ex-certified Atexor SLAM® Click’n Fix magnetic brackets and straps for all luminaires, as well as a standard 20 m cable.