The SLAM® LINK-UP Tank Set includes:

  •     One portable Ex 42VAC transformer (2 sockets)
  •     Four Hornet 2LED Linear work lights
  •     One portable EXIT light with LEDs
  •     Ten Ex-certified mounting brackets with strong magnets
  •     Ten Ex mounting straps

In large operations, the distance between the hazardous area and the transformer can be significant. Built-in EX-socket outlets allow linking the lighting units in a series to cover long distances. By default, the low-voltage is 42V. Four SLAM® 2LED Linear and one SLAM® EXIT 1LED ATEX lights supply the adequate lighting and safety.  All LED worklights are equipped with SafeEye® technology and produce a smooth non-irritating light. Standard cable length is 20 meters. Magnetic Click’n Fix brackets and straps are included.