The SLAM® LINEAR Tank Set includes:

  •     One portable Ex transformer (4 sockets)
  •     Three Hornet 2LED Linear work lights
  •     One portable EXIT light with LEDs
  •     Eight Ex-certified mounting brackets with strong magnets
  •     Eight Ex mounting straps

The SLAM® LINEAR Tank Set includes all critical elements that are needed for safe work in explosion hazardous areas: low-voltage, Ex-protection and an emergency backup. 24V voltage is provided by a portable SLAM® EX-transformer. Light comes from SLAM® Hornet 2LED Linear EX-work lights and one portable SLAM® EXIT LED Light unit, supporting safe exit in case of a power failure. All ATEX worklights are equipped with SafeEye® technology and produce a smooth non-irritating light. Standard cable length is 20 meters, and the set includes magnetic Click’n Fix  brackets and straps.