The SLAM® Hornet Emergency 18+40W

  • EX-certified for Zones 1 and 21
  • Equipped with a battery back-up system
  • Up to 90 minutes battery duration
  • Linkable in series
  • Extremely durable
  • Wide range of special fixings available
  • Strong light output
  • Versatile in use

The SLAM® Hornet Emergency 18W+40W is the only truly portable Ex area light with EM-function. It provides appropriate exit route lighting under power failures and total darkness. The unit is typically placed next to a critical exit points such as a tank manhole, ladder, inner door or narrow passageway. It gives sufficient light to find the way out into safer areas and emergency collection points. Under normal use the unit provides full illumination (58W). Battery mode keeps the 18W lamp illuminating for up to 90 minutes indicating the way to exit.


SLAM® Ex lights are available with various voltage options. Ranging from 110/230V to 12VAC/24VAC/48VAC. See our SLAM® TRANS 200EX and 400EX transformers for arranging suitable power supply.


SLAM® Click‘n Fix is the easiest fixing system for portable lighting. No lighting system is complete without anti-static brackets to ensure every part of it is safe.