• ATEX-certified for Zones 1 and 21, Temp class T4
  • SafeEye ® LED technology inside
  • Versitile mounting options
  • Optical radiation (op is) and photo-biological safety accounted for
  • Compact size and extremely light weight
  • Long-lasting, high quality LEDs and components


LEDs are the light source of today. SLAM FIXED® 1LED lights truly reflect their unquestionable benefits compared to conventional light sources such as fluorescent tubes: energy efficiency, longer lifetime, superior shock and vibration resistance, as well as significantly reduced maintenance costs. Atexors’ LED luminaires are designed for up to 100,000 hours of continuous use. High quality LEDs and top-of- the-line electronics help ensure longevity.

Raw LED light is blinding and painful. Atexor’s SafeEye ® is a diffuser solution that makes LED work lights safer and more pleasant to work with. SafeEye ® protects workers’ eyes, smoothing the LED light by spreading the beam without significantly reducing lumens. All Atexor LED lights are op is rated and safe for eyes, yet provide maximum light output.

Like we often say: See better – Work better. SLAM FIXED® are equipped with hi-quality LED´s producing light with color rendering index (CRI) above 80.

SLAM FIXED® series Ex luminaires are made from durable Ex-plastic for excellent corrosion resistance. To ensure maximum ruggedness, our shock-testing procedure of SLAM FIXED® series far exceeds normal standards. The lens of the luminaires is anti-static, so cleaning them inside Ex-areas is safe.

If the installation area is especially grimy, luminaires can be protected with our special, easily replaceable Protective Film. Use of this film also does not impact the Ex certification of the luminaires. If the luminaires need to be installed in very tall spaces, contact us for our Ex floodlight offerings.

In addition to making rugged and powerful Ex work lights, Atexor pays attention to the details of the whole solution, including fixing kits. Especially in retrofitting projects, versatile brackets are an absolute must. All SLAM FIXED® lights are available with pre-installed brackets and cables for speed and flexibility. If some reason the pre-installed option is not suitable or you need some custom fixings, please do not hesitate to contact our team for alternatives!

Atexor Oy has 30 years of experience in designing and developing ATEX & IECEx lighting and power supply solutions. In close cooperation with the customer, Atexor finds the most economical solution, without compromising safety. We are known for our ability to solve customers’ hazardous area challenges on demanding time schedules.


With slotted bolt holes and 360° rotating braces, this installation kit is extremely versatile, saving time and eliminating hassles.

With easily adjust brackets, you can skip making exact measure mentions of pols.

All SLAM FIXED® WS series luminaires can be protected with special Protective Film from Atexor.