Slam® Trans 400EX

  • EX-certified for zones 1 and 21
  • Fully portable transformer with complete EX-certification
  • Ergonomic handles and shoulder strap
  • Can be moved while powered on
  • Elastic and soft enclosure bounces when hit
  • Available with 2 or 4 socket outlets

For temporary lighting, a portable transformer that can take in 110−230V and supply safe current to hazardous areas is critical. The first and only EX-certified portable transformer on the market, SLAM® Trans can easily be carried by handles or shoulder strap. You can safely move the transformer from one place to another without having to power down. This is the only EX-certified transformer on the market with a soft shell as opposed to stainless steel shell. This makes it extremely durable and long-lasting – and it bounces if accidentally dropped!

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Various SLAM® lights are suitable for TRANS 200/400EX.