Mica® IL-80 ATEX LED

  • 80 lumens LED
  • Up to 21 hours of operating time
  • Robust IP-67 housing
  • ATEX Zone 1
  • DNV Type Approval Certified

MICA® IL-80 ATEX LED is an all-purpose high-quality hand lamp specially designed for use in explosion hazardous areas. It has an incredible 21-hour operating time. The IP67 shock resistant cover is manufactured completely from antistatic plastic. The lens is five millimeters thick and specially toughened, and a reflector helps concentrate the light beam over a long distance.

Advanced electronics prevent deep discharge of the battery and indicate low battery charge. The MICA® ILC4 charger recharges MICA® IL-80 ATEX LED even in +40 °C.


The intelligent ILC4-VAC & ILC4 chargers keep your MICA® hand lamp ready to use without overcharging the battery.

MICA® CR-C5 and CR-C3 charger racks bring a new concept to the users of MICA® lamps. The charger racks are made of durable aluminium and incorporate an integral power supply...