ILC4 & ILC4-VAC Chargers

  • Intelligent chargers
  • Vehicle or indoor use
  • LED charge indicator
  • Robust construction
  • DNV Type Approval Certified

The intelligent ILC4-VAC & ILC4 chargers keep your MICA® hand lamp ready to use without overcharging the battery. Keeping MICA® hand lamps in their chargers when not in use is recommended. A firm fit and aluminum frame ensures the hand lamp stays in the charger even on rough rides.

A wide range of models is available for customer or application-specific installation needs. You can choose the appropriate model for use in for example ship, train etc. The MICA® ILC4-VAC can also be tailored to use any input from 85 to 264 V.

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MICA®IL-2 suits for ILC, MLC, NMC-20 and HC chargers.

MICA® CR-13 VAC charger holder rack is designed to accommodate any combination of 3 MICA® chargers